Kamis, 31 Juli 2008

Watermelon Cooler

:::OBF::: Watermelon Cooler

- 4-seater / with Cicada chirp

- Prims: 11

- Permissions: mod / trans / NO copy

Click watermelons to sit.


Right click the tub and choose "Touch" from pie menu to start / stop a sound of cicada chirping.

(Maybe) This is a prize for a limited time during summer. 
You can get it at my store by camping.

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Senin, 28 Juli 2008

Teak Garden ; Outdoor Furniture

Teak Garden merupakan furniture untuk taman yang terbuat dari kayu jati asli dari Jepara yang sudah terkenal baik lokal maupun mancanegara dari segi kualitas maupun desainnya. Teak Garden ini cocok untuk halaman rumah anda, hotel, restoran, apartemen, tempat hiburan maupun wisata.
Siap melayani pemesanan pribadi, domestik maupun eksport. Dapatkan katalognya di sebelah kanan atas website ini. Klik kanan pada 'Teak Garden 1a' atau 'Teak Garden 2a' kemudian pilih 'save target as'

Info lebih lanjut hub.
Ibu Asmita
Telp./Fax.: +62 21 7316449
HP. +62 815 95 444 98
email: infozalfa@yahoo.com


Zalfa Group semakin lengkap dengan adanya produk furniture/mebel dari jepara yang sudah terbukti berkualitas dan memiliki nama di mancanegara. Produk berupa set diningroom, meja tamu, kursi, set kamar tidur, gazebo, dan masih banyak lagi, pastinya dengan ukiran/pahatan khas jepara.

Siap melayani pesanan home furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, untuk lokal maupun ekspor.

Anda kolektor mebel ukiran jepara atau anda yang berminat ikut memasarkan produk mebel ini, silahkan hubungi:

Ibu Asmita
Telp./Fax.: 021 7316449
HP. 0815 95 444 98
email: infozalfa@yahoo.com

Jumat, 18 Juli 2008

Living Room Set - TYPE C

Living Room Set - TYPE C

- Prims: 44 Total.
- Contents:
  • Sofa - TYPE J ( R )
  • Sofa - TYPE J ( L )
  • Sofa - TYPE K
  • Low Table - TYPE C
  • Tall Speaker ( R ) and ( L )
  • Waterdrop Lamp with Particle
  • Magazine x 2 ( Object )
  • Record ( Object )

Sofa - TYPE J ( R ) and ( L )

- 2-seater / 5 Poses
- Prims: 7
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

- Click Position to Sit -
1. Bottom ( has 4 Poses )
2. Armrest-right ( only R ) / Backrest ( only L / not pillows )

Sofa - TYPE K

- 5-seater / 7 Poses
- Prims: 9
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

- Click Position to Sit -
1. Bottom-left ( has 2 poses )
2. Bottom-right ( has 2 Poses )
3. Armrest-lest
4. Armrest-right
5. Backrest ( not pillows )

== How to Change Pose ==
You can change pose using "PageUp" or "Down" key on your keyboard.
When someone (except the owner of the sofa) sit on, it will send a message like this " Use PageUp or Down key to change pose. ".

Low Table - TYPE B

- 1-seater
- Prims: 6
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

Right click the table and choose "Sit Here" from pie menu.

Tall Speaker ( R ) and ( L )

- Prims: 5 each
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

Tall Speaker has 6 drum loop sounds of each. (12 different sounds in total.) Touch a speaker to open dialong menu.
Turn off a stereo before you leave. The sound might become a nuisance to your neighbors.

Waterdrop Lamp with Particle

- Prims: 2
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

= Lighting =
Touch the lamp to open dialong menu.
You can choose from 11 illumination colors and turn off a light.

= Particle =
Touch "the shadow prim" under the lamp to start / stop particle.

- Can't you see particle? -
Try to set the parameter of "Max. Particle Count".
Ctrl+P ( Preferences ) >> Graphics Tab >> Max. Particle Count

Magazines and Record ( Object )

Now Available in a Rezzing Vendor at My Store.

Now you can buy my products at Coders Cove in Second Life.
slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Coders Cove/90/89/24/

Senin, 14 Juli 2008

Design your Kitchen & Kitchen Appliances in a perfect way

Kitchen where woman spends her maximum time and now this place is coming under the top priority list for renovation. Earlier kitchen ignored and no one paid to decorate it but now even middle class family of India is ready to pay huge amount so that their kitchen can be handy one and cooking can be enjoyable.

But before going to renovate your kitchen just draw a outline of your requirements such as -

  • Your favorite design for kitchen such as traditional, formal or country look
  • Appliances which you use too often and appliances which you are going to buy in near future. So accordingly you can allot the place and electric fittings as well.
  • Your storage places. This place should be allocate wisely as this one will be used more often and can be mess if not properly allocated.
  • Take the opinion of every person who are directly related with the Kitchen.

Kitchen Outline

Maximum things which are used should be placed accordingly and I think that's why triangular format is important having gas stove, sink and refrigerator in one after another.

Lighting - Every place should have proper lighting. This will remove the insects and also comfortable when you are going to clean it

Fresh Air - To keep your self energetic in kitchen fresh air circulation is must and I think that's why exhaust fan is an important option even if you have electrical chimney

Serve Platform - Serve platform should be near to stove so that instant serve possible but should not come in the way of Stove

Cabinet - Cabinet should be done as per the sizes of jars and should be within reach of the head cook. If you want to place cabinet near stove than make sure that these cabinets can be easily clean and have such kind of materials

Plumbing - This is the main part of kitchen and should be taken very careful. Any mistake will make your kitchen a hell for you. If your place admit than you can go for two sinks one near to stove and one at other end for cleaning purpose. Water Purifier should not be near to Stove. Proper quality nap should be go for.

Kitchen and Appliances

Stove - This should be placed in such a manner that whole kitchen will be in cook reach. And if place allow than stove should be at mid of kitchen with marble flooring (green or maroon color marble is perfect)

Microwave Oven - Should be place near to serve platform.

Refrigerator - Should be allocated to that place which is near to serve platform and stove as well.

Mixer Grinder - Should be placed near to second sink

Hand Mixer Grinder - Should be placed near to stove

Crockery Cabinet - Should be and must be placed near to serve platform and keep away from stove.

Flooring - Non slippery and easily washable is the rule no 1 of kitchen flooring.

Kitchen is the office of housewife and it should reflect your personality ... a well decorated and stylish kitchen will leave positive impression.